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Looking for new strategies to support the use of project management? Look no further. When we discover something that will brings value, it is posted here for you. Select the links below to download worksheets, templates and research.

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SECOND EDITION: This edition integrates an agile mindset and techniques. An easy read where you can learn how project management techniques, simply applied, can drive your project success.
The Practitioner’s Guide to Project Management provides simple, effective techniques in a way that encourages collaborative conversations with key resources and delivers business value. Book highlights include:

  • Foundational techniques – the value they provide and the questions they help answer

  • Role and responsibility clarity for key project players across the life of a project

  • Explanation of project management deliverables – their purpose, content and tips on how to create them

  • Recommendations for collaborative planning workshops

  • Answers to common questions about applying project management techniques

No matter how great our experiences are, they limit what we see. If you believe that better planning comes from collaboration, this book was written for you. The Essential Guide to facilitating Project Management Workshops provides step by step directions in preparing for and leading collaborative planning events that result in a shared vision of project success and the project approach.

Because project management is more a way of thought to approaching a problem than a list of techniques and forms and templates. Integrating project management into an organization requires the company to change the way it plans and staffs project work. A collaborative workshop is a great way to drive that change. Collaborative planning:

  • Integrates different perspectives into one cohesive Project Plan

  • Creates a common vision for the entire Project Plan and project team

  • Increases confidence in the accuracy of the Project Plan

  • Applies of best practices in project management

This book is currently highlighted on PMI®'s  blog as a prime example of how the use of hand sketched illustrations can emphasize main topics, increase reader retention, and better communicate the message. Check out the link and see sample layouts of the book.

Leadership Whitepaper

This research provides global data on the behaviors needed for leading both projects and programs. It answers the questions: What are the right behaviors for success? and How do we accelerate the learning?

Project Plan Template

This standard template will assist you as you begin your project planning.  Feel free to modify this Word document to fit the needs of your organization.

WBS Template

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) template includes the project management activities that should be included in a detailed project plan. The template is in format and Excel format (email us for a Microsoft Project file).

Project Plan Audit

The purpose of this document is to provide you with an instrument to review and improve your project’s: scope definition, risks management plan and role clarity.

PM Reference Guide

The attached quick reference highlights the key items that should be defined in the planning of a project. It includes questions to help define: scope (goals, deliverables, requirements and work), stakeholders, risk, communication, timing, project team, cost and knowledge capture, and a detailed list of project responsibilities by role.

Early Warning Signs for Project

This document helps facilitate a dialog about project: preparation, documentation, leadership, team clarity, Project Managers, estimations, communication, culture, priorities.

"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degrade into hard work."

- Peter Drucker, management consultant, educator and author

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